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  • 1 transport service Contractor and client
  • 1.1 transport service Contractor-VipTaxiWarsaw.
  • 1.2 client, below the passenger is a person using the service provided by the contractor transport services.
  • 2 Booking
  • 2.1 the passenger may book your passage through the online system or by email. In specific cases (lack of access to the Internet) it is possible to make a reservation by calling the number VipTaxiWarsaw or by sending an SMS to
  • .
  • 2.2 in case of cancellation less than 24 hours before passing through, the customer will not be charged any costs, on the other hand, if the cancellation occurs within a period of less than 24 hours of travel, the customer shall bear the cost of 10% a fixed amount related to the handling costs. If cancellation occurs within a period of less than 12 hours of running, the client shall bear the cost of the 20% of the fixed amount.
  • 2.3 only orders confirmed by the contractor transport services by email or during a call are considered to be important. Reservation not confirmed by VipTaxiWarsaw are not considered important and the contractor transport services does not assume any liability for them.
  • 2.4 at the time making a reservation the client has the obligation to inform where to complete the journey you need a car seat or car seats for children (Please define the size of the car seat/buildings).
  • 2.5, the passenger is obliged to inform the contractor about the transport service address changes, receipt, or delivery of the
  • .
  • 2.6 in order to correct the implementation of passenger transport services is obliged to provide correct telephone number, and email address that you can contact. Created by transport services will not provide personal data of passengers to third parties in accordance with the directive of the European Union.
  • 3 receipt of passenger
  • 3.1 in carrying out the transport service does not apply to any previously defined plan is tailored to the reservations (addresses, number of passengers) road conditions (travel time) and flights (departure time, arrival time).
  • 3.2 passenger Reception followed by the time specified in the booking confirmation sent by the contractor transport services and at the address carried by the passenger. Pick up time may differ from the given in the confirmation of +/-10 minutes depending on the traffic road.
  • 3.3 the contractor transport service will wait for a passenger in the car park at the exit from the airport. After landing the plane the driver will contact with the passenger in order to inform about the exact location of the car. In the case of delay of the aircraft, the passenger is not your billing no additional cost of the toll, the dropoff is adapted to the real time of arrival of the aircraft.
  • 3.4 in the case of transport by car to the airport, waiting for a passenger to 30 minutes after the specified time of receipt. If a passenger wants to delay the departure time must agree directly with the driver, however, depends on the defined route (if there are any additional passengers to pick up)-the additional costs may be charged by the driver and the passenger will be advised at the time of the interview.
  • 3.5 transport service Contractor may refuse carriage of child/children, if they have not been informed of this during the ordering of transport, unless the passenger car seat adapted to the age and weight of the child.
  • 3.6 driver may refuse to carry a passenger unable to travel. The driver may refuse to carry a passenger who is under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogens, and if his clothes and/or luggage are very dirty, if the baggage are dangerous substances (acids, radioactive substances, explosive substances).
  • 3.7 driver can refuse to transport a passenger if he has a custom luggage, which was not declared in the course of the book, and the driver is not
  • .
  • 4 Transfer
  • 4.1 the contractor transport services has the right to change the time of receipt, which will inform the passenger/s before the scheduled time of arrival.
  • 4.2 where the contractor transport services is not able to perform for reasons dependent on him (and the carriage was confirmed) VipTaxiWarsaw will pay the cost of transport to the airport.
  • 4.3 the contractor transport services is not responsible for delays resulting from the uwarunkowan independent of the contractor services such as road conditions, accident, weather conditions, crash or damage arising for reasons for which the contractor is not affected by the service. Knowing these terms before the service contractor may propose to the earlier time of receipt.
  • 4.4 in the course of the carriage of passengers shall be the international insurance from accidents.
  • 5 Payment
  • 5.1 Available payment methods:
    -Bank transfer.
    -Transfer payment system PayPal.
    -Credit card/debit card.
    -Cash payment directly to the driver.